22 October 2012

General Knowledge Questions for SSC CGL 2014

31.Why do we keep wooden or concrete sleepers below the rails in railway tracks?

a). To reduce the pressure exerted by moving train
b). To act as a spring
c). To allow Iron rails to sleep when not in use
d).To help workers walk on the sides of rail.

Answer:(a). To reduce the pressure exerted by moving train

32.What is the Indian name of the constellation called Ursa major?

a).Jaqmbhu Dweepam
b).Krithika Nakshatra Mandal
c).Saptha Rishi Mandal
d).Makara Rasi

Answer:(c).Saptha Rishi Mandal

33.Which material is used as lubricant in heavy machines to withstand high temperature?

a). Paraffin  wax
b). Heavy Grease
c). Graphic carbon
d). Castor oil

Answer:(c). Graphic carbon

34.On which principle does hydraulic brakes in automobiles work?

a). Archimedes principle
b). Auf-Bau Principle
c). Pascal’s Principle
d). Bernoulli’s Principle

Answer:(c). Pascal’s Principle

35.What is the product of equivalent weight and valence of an atom?

a). Mole
b). Specific heat
c). Pascal’s Principle
d). Atomic weight

Answer:(c). Pascal’s Principle

36.Which Indian PSU got involved in Tatra truck deal scam recently? 



37.What is the ratio of the mass of one atom of an element to the mass of one atom of Hydrogen?

a). Atomic mass
b). Molecular mass
c). Equivalent mass
d). Mass of Hydrogen atom

Answer:(a). Atomic mass

38.What is the value of Avagadro number?

a). 0.623 x 1023
b). 60.23 x 1023
c). 6.023 x 1023
d). 6.023 x 10-23

Answer:(c). 6.023 x 1023

39.Name the atoms having same atomic number but different mass number.



40.Which law is used to determine the atomic mass of a solid elemental substance?

a).Dalton’s law
b).Gay-Lussac’s law
c).Dulong & Petit’s law
d).Boyle’s law

Answer:(c).Dulong & Petit’s law


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